3 Smarter Ways to Pay Boarding School Fees

Nowadays, finding one of the CBSE boarding schools in India is no more a daunting task. All you need is to differentiate the best one on the basis of the various factors. Once you find the best boarding school for your child, the next thing you need to prepare is for filling out applications, entrance exams, and the interview process. Most importantly, you need to prepare the fees for admission confirmation. Students from various countries and regions join boarding schools to become more responsible and independent. Thus, building a great personality with a perspective to think beyond the classroom and course books. But, what makes most parents hold the decision is the annual price tag of boarding school.

In this case, what’s the way out? CBSE residential school in India involves quite an amount of money. If you want your child to get admission to one of the reputable CBSE residential schools in India, you need to go through other sources that can help with financial issues. In this post, we have listed some of the best possibilities as a parent you can go through and make a final call.

Understand the fee structure

One must try analyzing the fee structure before looking at the different sources that can help pay the annual fees. You must go through the sheet and check out the additional expenses or charges. Apart from tuition fees and education charges, it may include lodging costs, sports fees, additional computer class fees, lab fees, food expenses, maintenance, and deposits. Also, many schools add discretionary activities to the list that you can remove as per your kid’s interest and passion. It is a must that you go through the charges to ensure you are not paying extra.

Once you are ready, look for sources that can help pay the annual fees.

Source to Pay Residential School Fees

School adds facilities to aid students to build a good personality. Also, to balance the different backgrounds from where the students come to take admission in these high-profile schools. So, even though the fee structure may scare you at first, it is still a good choice for your child’s development. Let’s look at some of the options available to pay boarding school fees.

  1. Grants or Scholarships as Financial Aid

Grants are the financial aid that you do not require paying back. It is provided from the school’s budget to students who qualify for financial help. To qualify, parents require submitting a few documents, including address proof, income certificate, financial statements, etc. These grants or scholarships also depend on other factors like academic performance, entrance exam results, interest in sports, or artistic excellence. Also, not all schools provide this service. Thus, it is best to connect with the school authority and update yourself on financial aid.

  1. Payment Plans for the Tuition fees

Most schools understand that all families cannot afford such an annual fee structure. Thus, to reduce the burden on parents and help candidates make a better future in their institutes, they offer an option to pay in installments. Parents can pay monthly for their kid’s tuition fees through this source. Also, you don’t need to pay extra for the interest. Many such CBSE boarding schools in India are available nowadays that follow this Payment Plan for the Tuition fees.

  1. Loans for Tuition fees

Many residential schools allow loans to pay for the annual fees. All you need is to demonstrate essential documents to the school authorities. Also, these education loans charge interest. However, they charge low interest as compared to other consumer loans.


High-profile families do not face such issues. But, many low-income families want their children to study in one of the best CBSE boarding schools in India but do not get a seat due to the fee structure. If you want to get your child enrolled in a top CBSE residential school in India, cross-check the above-listed options with the school administrators for financial aid. Communicate with the authorities and find a payment structure that works effectively for you.

Apply for loans or scholarships that suit your need to reduce financial issues that may cause hindrance during admission. Check the best CBSE boarding schools in India that offer these financial aids.

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