Learning about the Conflicts over Education in 2022

If you ask what has changed in the recent past, most of us will say, “everything.” The 2020 pandemic gave everyone a reality check and embrace unthinkable changes. Which field got impacted the most? The answer is education. No one can deny the significance of education, but the sudden changes left everyone in shock. The world took a lot of time to adapt to these changes. But have all of us accepted this transition? Let’s take you through some conflicts over education that might arise in 2022.

  • Virtual education

As the Covid graph flattens, things have started getting back to normal. Surprisingly, students and parents have adapted to virtual education and are unwilling to switch to offline education. It will be a major conflict over education in 2022. If online education continues, parents will find it easy to manage their time and schedule things properly.

Two years back, this was unexpected. People were keen to go back to school and college and get a proper education. But now it is completely different. The two years have made students think about education differently. In addition, parents also feel online education provides more options.

Irrespective of the proven fact that online education forces considerable learning losses, students and parents are happy with the modern education system. You can expect the demand for online education would continue to rise in 2022.

  • Affirmative motion

Expecting unbiased selection in colleges and universities has always been a dream. Yet, some American universities still consider race and economic status of students before accepting their applications. An affirmative motion is expected to take shape in 2022 as people are more active and are taking steps to ensure equal education for all.

Affirmative motion is a policy or practice to help individuals belonging to groups that face discrimination in society. You can expect a major conflict once this movement takes shape. Universities need to acknowledge the right to equal education and accept all applications.

  • Teachers’ unions

Teachers’ union has gained prominence during the pandemic. They were vocal about implementing health safeguards against the spread of Covid-19 in Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles. But as things started getting back to normal, parents have expressed their concerns over the rising dominance of teachers’ unions.

You can expect a major conflict in 2022 between parents and teachers’ unions. In addition, the unions are yet to come to terms with significant concessions which will help them take a strong stand concerning their compensation and working conditions.

You cannot have the necessary education without a teacher. If you look at the situation, you will see teachers’ unions have tried to help students during the pandemic from Essay writers. Yet, it is unfair to listen to the teachers only and ignore what students and their parents have to say.

  • Gifted programs

Students performing well in standardised tests deserve some reward. Gifted programs are for students who have scored well on standardised tests and offer them an opportunity for accelerated learning. But some critics have argued that these programs are restricted to a certain section of students and do not give equal opportunity.

Racism issues can be a major troublemaker with gifted programs in 2022 and might be a cause of national debate. Research has also shown that students of colour are presented differently in such programs. You can understand how this can be a reason for a major conflict over education. If you value equality in education, you must understand how this can affect the overall system.

A lot depends on education. You cannot deny its significance. The future generation depends on proper education. So, having conflicting thoughts will only ruin the chances of a good society and proper education. Yet, the present circumstances have made way for all the above-mentioned conflicts, and 2022 might see them all. So, be prepared and be strong to overcome these conflicts and get the best education from top institutions.


Conflicts over education can sound very disturbing. But there will be various thought processes, and people will look for the best options for themselves. Conflict is inevitable, but you must justify the grounds and argue reasonably. These conflicts must not have any adverse effect on a student’s education. Fighting for your right is necessary but understanding the essence of education is more important. If you have the necessary education and enhance your skills to race ahead of others. Hence, concentrate on your lessons and study them well instead of getting into conflicts.


The blog addresses some major conflicts over education that 2022 has in store. Know them and understand if all these have any relevance and if you must take a stand.

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