Guest Post Opportunities!

We, at Weird Course, take great delight in extending a warm welcome to all of our devoted readers in our write for our scheme. If you consider yourself an exceptional writer, please do not hesitate to approach us with your blog pieces. You should be aware that we welcome all writers—beginners, seasoned professionals, and those just starting out—from a variety of professions.

Anyone who wants to create blog entries or articles can do so through the writer for our curriculum. We always welcome fresh and unique ideas when it comes to article writing.

We think that the key element of the best blog article is inventiveness. Additionally, we take pride in letting you know that our users’ contentment and provision of a positive user experience have always been our top priorities.

Guidelines for Guest Posts

In order for your articles to be published on our blog site, you must adhere to a tight set of rules that will also enable you to produce an original work of art that is certain to be accepted by our editor. To write an article that complies with the standards and requirements of our website, use the guidelines below:

Weird Course is looking for fresh writers and talents to add to the team as part of our writers for our scheme. You are more than welcome to join our team if you can produce interesting and captivating blog posts that will grab the attention of your readers.

You can boost the likelihood that your article will be included on our virtual blogging platform by heeding the advice we’ve provided below. So, if you want your blog post or article to be included on our cutting-edge virtual blogging platform, we recommend that you follow the instructions listed below. However, our editorial team may reject your blog post or article if you don’t adhere to them.

  • A standard article should be 700 words long.
  • Use basic language and a clear tone to ensure that the audience can understand you.
  • Try to avoid passive voice as much as you can while writing your sentences, and use active voice whenever possible.
  • Your submissions must contain unique content that is free of plagiarism.
  • Throughout the entirety of your article, use the keywords carefully.
  • Make proper use of the term purpose.
  • Observe the recommended keyword density. Don’t try to accomplish too much
  • To draw readers to your writing, use creativity.
  • Before beginning to write about a topic, conduct extensive research and gather information.
  • You might select a popular or current subject that your audience would find interesting.
  • Selecting a delicate subject like drugs, alcohol, or child abuse is not advised.
  • Make sure your writing is flawlessly grammatically correct and comprises whole sentences.

How Do You Submit Your Article?

Send us a sample of your writing when you are ready to contribute to our website. Our editors will review the email and decide whether or not your article is appropriate for posting on our website.

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