How to become a professional resume writer

If you can accurately portray why someone is an ideal candidate for the job through the written word, becoming your resume writer may be right for you. Some resume writers choose to become certified to set themselves apart from the competition, but certification isn’t always necessary. There are tons of opportunities in this niche market.

Update writing instruction

To rise above your competition and effectively sell to customers, consider upgrading to training courses or certification. Training courses help you understand your customers’ needs and how you can put what they offer on paper.

Writing training can help you:

  • Clearly and quickly highlight your customers’ skills, attributes and achievements.
  • Organize and design each resume to highlight strengths and minimize weaknesses
  • Recognize common grammatical errors
  • Determine and choose whether your client needs SEO or traditional SEO
  • The format is updated in various ways.
  • Increase your knowledge of suitable employment and key questions, helping you get the right information to market to your client
  • Craft personalization cover letters for various industries
  • Help identify a specific niche or industry where you can excel.
  • Prepare for certification

Training and certification courses

If you are interested in a professional resume writing career, many resume writing courses are available online. These courses can help anyone prepare for this career field, whether they are experienced writers or newbies.

Below are some of the most popular resume writing training courses.

National Association of Resume Writers

This well-known resume writing curriculum is divided into nine modules. Module topics range from how to market a resume and punctuation, letters and advanced resume strategies. This training program helps prepare them for the Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) exam.

Each section costs somewhere in the range of $30 and $55 relying upon regardless of whether you are a part.

Career directors

Career Directors Resume Mastery is a rigorous course that includes the Certified Advanced Resume Writer certification. The course is presented by master resume writer Gayle Howard, who shares over 22 years of resume writing experience with students. Career Directors also offers an Executive Resume Master approval process for those looking to take their resume to the next level. In addition, they offer a separate approval process for those who are already writing, renewing the profession and who do not pursue training courses.

Masterclasses and certifications cost between $1,375 and $1,600.

CareerProPlus (CPP)

CPP offers A resume writing program for the military with a built-in certification course. According to the CPP, more than 225,000 Active Duty military personnel transition into the workforce each year, seeking top-level upgrades to get noticed. The CPP curriculum comprises six modules, a final assignment and an exam. Passing this course and exam will earn you a Master Military Resume Writer (MMRW) certificate.

The expense of the course and test is $895.00.

Proficient Relationship between Resume Journalists and Vocation Mentors (PARC)

PARC is a good resource for updating writers of all levels. They offer different types of resume writing certifications for those who want to “further validate their experience as a career professional” and a search area for the general public who might be searching for an ensured continued essayist.

Visit the PARC website to learn more about becoming a member, association benefits, and available certifications.

The beginning

To start, the sample trades are updated in different industries, differentiating career levels (entry, middle, senior) that can show to potential clients. You can upload your resume to sites like or and start recruiting new clients.

Another option is a blog or website that specifically addresses resumes and recruiting topics and includes a portfolio page for your work and contact area. Be sure to post resume-related topics on your blog regularly and share these posts on social media to maintain visibility with the public.

Find more resources for customers.

Visit and sign up for their newsletter to stay connected with news, job offers, upcoming certification classes, and more. As you get your business, consider reaching out to friends and family for new customer referrals. Word of mouth and testimonials from happy customers are tried and true ways to grow your business.

Professional Resume Writers Earnings

Professional resume writers can earn a lot of money, whether freelance or working for a specific company. According to :

  • Standard renewal services for an entry-level employee with little experience or work history average about $65 per renewal.
  • Higher-end employee resume services can charge between $200 and $300 per update.
  • The website states that the median annual salary for a full-time professional writer is $58,000.

Start your journey

As you begin your journey to become a resume writer, decide where your energies would be better spent — whether earning a certification, creating a blog or website, or creating portfolio profiles to showcase your work. No matter which one you choose, remember that resume writing is a growing industry, and many people need a dynamic resume.

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