Reacting to Divorce Papers & a Divorce Lawyer in Mississauga

You have received divorce papers from your marital partner. Now, you are thinking about what you need to do. Firstly, you must realize that you’re not the person who is alone. It is also rare for divorce decisions to be mutual. It is also what a divorce lawyer in Mississauga will also tell. Usually, one of the spouses in a divorce initiates a divorce decision. Often, one of the spouses knows that he or she is going to receive papers at some point. At times, the spouse is completely unaware that he or she is going to receive divorce papers.

Further, it is never a good feeling when you know your marriage is going to end. Receiving divorce papers in your hand means you need to respond to a decision that your marital partner has made. You should understand that everything may seem a bit overwhelming for you at first when you receive divorce papers. Nonetheless, you will find out everything is normal with time. We are also going to tell you in this post how you should respond if your spouses serve you divorce papers.

How to Respond If Your Spouse Serves You Divorce Papers

Here is how you should respond if your marital partner serves you divorce papers:

Stay Calm:

Staying calm in difficult times always helps, and you should do the same if your spouse serves you divorce papers. When couples are divorcing, spouses can lose their cool and suffer stress. Nevertheless, staying calm in such a situation without losing control is definitely helpful. For the same reason, you should take a deep breath and try to find peace in your heart. Staying calm in situations like this can help you take the best action in response.

Read the Notice:

Keep in mind that there is a deadline to file an answer when you receive divorce papers from your spouse. If you miss that deadline, the case will proceed without your involvement. In addition, a judge will make final orders without your stimulus. Ignoring divorce papers means your spouse can get a default judgment. Further, it won’t help you when it comes to matters like property division, parenting, etc. By the same token, the right thing to do is to go through the notice and respond accordingly.

Hire a  Family Lawyer:

You may not have consulted with a family law attorney after reading the notice your spouse has served. Nonetheless, the best time to hire a family or a divorce lawyer in Mississauga is when a spouse serves you divorce papers. Besides, there are reputable law firms, such as Divorce Fast, which offer free consultations. A free consultation also allows you to know whether a lawyer can best help you in your case or not. Nevertheless, it is important that you hire a divorce lawyer sooner than later.

In addition, you should only hire an attorney after meeting with the lawyer. Plus, choose an attorney after you are sure the lawyer is willing to tell you things you don’t want to hear. If you cannot sense this type of feeling in a lawyer, alter your questions, and look for other attorneys. Any honest divorce lawyer will only speak the truth in this emotionally devastating time. If you have doubts about an attorney, make an appointment with another lawyer to find and choose the right lawyer. 

Come up with a Response to Divorce Papers You’re Being Served:

When you timely respond to divorce papers, it tells the court you are taking the matter seriously. It tells that you want your involvement in the case. Fighting the case means you accept divorce with an objection to certain aspects. Asset divisions and alimony, to name a few. It will also allow you to act before a judge makes final orders and let you successfully work with a divorce lawyer.

You also have the option to refuse the divorce when you don’t want a divorce to take place. In such a scenario, you will object to the grounds of the divorce. The court will also dismiss the divorce petition if the grounds for divorce are proven invalid.

Gather Financial Records and Relevant Paperwork:

If you act in an organized way throughout the divorce process, you will save money and time simultaneously. Financial records entail your bank accounts, statements, investment information, income tax returns, plus retirement accounts. You will need to gather your financial information for quick access and make the job of your lawyer easier. Also, find out the evidence you need to prove you are right prior to meeting a lawyer. A divorce can take place in a few months to several years, based on how you act. Nonetheless, you can get a quick divorce if you act and respond positively to divorce papers your spouses serve you. 

Mediate or Opt for Settlements in a Court:

A court doesn’t settle all divorce cases. When couples decide to avoid litigation, a quick divorce helps spouses end their marriage with out-of-court settlements. On the other hand, a contested divorce involves settlements in a court. Consulting with a divorce lawyer can help you choose the right option for your case.

To Finish

Act as follows when your spouse serves you divorce papers in Mississauga:

  1. Stay calm
  2. Read the notice
  3. Hire a divorce lawyer in Mississauga
  4. Come up with a response to divorce papers you’re being served
  5. Gather financial records and related paperwork
  6. Mediate or visit a court

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