Threat of Mosquitoes in the Fall and Vancouver Pest Control

When the summer disappears, the days become shorter. It is also the time when people in Vancouver start preparing for the fall. Plenty of animals prepare for the fall, too. Moreover, mosquitoes are more dangerous in the fall than in any other season. You won’t see mosquitoes disappear in the fall just because you have less BBQs and drinks in the backyard. The fall is the time when Vancouver pest control for mosquitoes becomes mandatory. People in Vancouver typically require contacting a pest control service to deal with mosquitoes in the fall. We are going to tell you in this post. Why?

Why Are Mosquitoes a Threat in the Fall?

Undoubtedly, mosquitoes are frustrating insects to deal with. They also become a threat to homeowners in the fall because of the way they behave in this season. Fall is the season that allows mosquitoes to flourish. It is difficult to imagine why mosquitoes feel comfortable and better in the fall. Nevertheless, the cooler temperature that falls brings better suits mosquitoes to thrive. Typically, humans associate mosquitoes with hot plus sticky summer days, which is not exactly true. Mosquitoes are more abundant in the season when leaves turn yellow to orange.

The cooler temperatures in the fall make mosquitoes more active during the day. In the summer, mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk. They are active in the summer at dawn and dusk to avoid the warmest times of the day. The same theory doesn’t apply to mosquitoes in the fall. Nevertheless, mosquitoes pose a risk to people at all times of the day in the fall. The credit for this goes to the milder temperatures in the fall. It is also highly likely for mosquitoes to breed during the start of the fall. 

However, the peak reproduction period of mosquitoes is during the summer. Still, the breeding of mosquitoes in the fall can make mosquitoes increase their numbers in the winter. Some mosquito species in the fall lay eggs in order to survive long winters. Further, the new mosquitoes hatch and start to grow, feed, and reproduce in the spring.

Similar to many animals that prepare for hibernation, mosquitoes begin preparation for the colder months that follow. Some mosquito species spend the whole fall preparing for the winter. As a result, female mosquitoes fatten up and hibernate in a hidden place during the whole winter. Moreover, the other species of mosquitoes naturally die because of harsh winters. When the temperature in the winter drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes too cold for mosquitoes to survive.

What Does Warmer Fall Mean When It Comes to Mosquitoes?

Fall is an important season for mosquitoes and benefits mosquitoes in a few ways. Because of the milder temperatures and the long-lastingness of the fall, mosquitoes get the opportunity to breed during the fall. Female mosquitoes lay battle-hardened eggs during the fall for the coming winter. At the same time, it allows them to fatten up and prepare themselves for hibernation. When temperatures aren’t cold for mosquitoes, they capitalize on the opportunity to lay grounds for next year’s spring. In warmer falls, mosquitoes strongly breed with a substantial increase in their population. Calling pest control services, such as Pesticon, with a reputation in Vancouver for pest control, also becomes mandatory for homeowners, too.  

Why Should You Contact a Pest Control Service in the Fall?

If mosquitoes invade your property in large numbers, calling the pest control service is the first step you should take. You should realize that pest control services can quickly and effectively deal with common pests, such as mosquitoes. Mosquitoes aren’t only annoying pests to have in your home because of their itchy bites, but they also carry dangerous diseases. Ignoring a mosquito infestation on your property can also put you and your family in danger. For the same reason, you should count on professionals to successfully get rid of mosquitoes if they invade your property.

Moreover, reputable pest control services strategically execute pest control treatments. In order to implement pest control, they will thoroughly inspect your property first. Experienced and knowledgeable pest control technicians comprehend the breeding and feeding patterns of mosquitoes. They know where to look and identify the most populated areas on a property to take the right action to eradicate mosquitoes. Besides, an esteemed control service will take care of the mosquito infestation for good from a property.


Mosquitoes are the most dangerous pests in the fall than any season. The fall suits mosquitoes better to breed and thrive because of the colder yet suitable temperature it brings for them. Mosquitoes are typically a threat to people at dawn or dusk in the summer. Nevertheless, mosquitoes are a threat to people at all times of the day in the fall. A mosquito infestation isn’t only irritating but also poses health threats. Last but not least, homeowners should immediately call professionals in Vancouver for pest control to quickly and effectively get rid of mosquitoes if mosquitoes infest their homes.

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