Weight Gain with Ageing & Role of Compounding Pharmacies

The older you get, the more changes you will experience in you. One of the common changes you can experience while getting old is weight gain. Despite eating well and exercising regularly, you will experience weight gain with ageing. It becomes difficult to lose weight with ageing. Plus, if you somehow manage to lose weight, it will occur at a slow pace. Nevertheless, compounding pharmacies can make custom formulations to help people lose weight.

Still, it is best to consult with a physician first to give you the right advice for weight loss and make a prescription. Then, you may deploy the prescription at a compound pharmacy your doctor has made to get compound medicines.

Why Do People Gain Weight with Ageing?

Age plays a vital role in people gaining weight. Ageing also prevents people from remaining slim. Now, the question is, what is the reason behind weight gain with ageing? We are going to tell you the reason for it next.

When you age, your metabolism slows down, which is also a normal thing to experience with ageing. With a slow metabolism, your body uses less energy to function. As a result, fat breakdowns at a much lower rate. For the same reason, people with ageing keep their weight instead of losing it.

Metabolism, hormones, nutrient intake, and genetics together play a crucial role in the weight loss process. In addition, ageing affects all of the aforementioned factors to unavoidably influence your weight. Even if you consume the same amount of calories at an older age that you consumed at a younger age, you will likely experience weight gain.

Lipid Turnover and Its Link with Weight Gain & Age

Lipid turnover is another term that has a link with weight gain and age. It is a process that removes fat from cells at a slow pace. It affects a person’s ability to lose weight or sustain weight loss results that a person achieves. Exercising does aid in speeding up lipid turnover in the fat tissue. Still, it doesn’t stop the process from slowing down entirely. Exercising can provide people with a boost in lipid turnover, so people who gain weight should make more exercise a part of their daily or weekly routine.

Physical activity always contributes to general health and helps people achieve long-term success in losing and maintaining weight. However, it is not an easy thing to do when you become older. Nevertheless, increasing the amount of physical activity definitely prevents you from gaining more weight as you age.

How Can a Compounding Pharmacy Help You Lose Weight?

Generally, physicians prescribe medicines to patients that fit in a one-size-fits-all approach. However, every person doesn’t experience the same type of hormone problems. Fortunately, compounding pharmacies can come up with custom formulations to help people tackle weight loss issues with ageing. Besides, there are various ways through which a compounding pharmacy can help people lose extra weight. The following are three ways through which a compounding pharmacy help patients lose extra weight with ageing:

  1. A compounding pharmacy can help you lose weight while ensuring you maintain your thyroid levels. Compounding can benefit you in this regard while supplying your body with a  series of natural thyroid hormones.
  2. In addition, a compounding pharmacy can also help you lose weight with the aid of restored adrenal glands. Compounding can create natural adrenal hormones as per your unique needs to help you tackle weight gain. 
  3. Further, a compounding pharmacy can help you lose weight while making sure your impaired insulin glands are healed. Compounding can help you in this regard via hormone therapy. 

Is It Possible to Prevent Yourself from Turning Old?

Growth is a natural phenomenon. For the same reason, you cannot prevent yourself from getting older. Still, you can take better care of yourself to prevent weight gain when you age. It will also help you achieve a healthy weight with which you will also feel happy. Staying fit allows fat breakdown and slows down the weight gain process. Therefore, you should focus on remaining fit physically to avoid extra weight gain when you age.

In addition, you can contact a compounding pharmacy, such as Aurora Compounding, to provide you with information regarding this matter. Also, keep in mind you will need a prescription from a doctor for a compounding pharmacy to create compound medications for you based on your unique needs.


It is normal to experience weight gain when you age. You can gain weight with ageing because your metabolism slows down. Lipid turnover is another term with a link to weight gain and age. Nonetheless, remaining physically active can help you control enough weight gain with ageing. In addition, compounding pharmacies can also help people lose weight in various ways with custom medications. They can help you concerning this matter in the following ways:

  1. Making sure you maintain your thyroid levels
  2. Restoring your adrenal glands
  3. Healing your impaired insulin glands

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